5 Common Mistakes that Can Hurt Your YouTube Channel


Everyone knows about the most used video-sharing platform in the world, known as YouTube. It is immensely popular nowadays and has a hundred millions of active users. There are two types of users using YouTube; first is the creator; the user who upload the video on YouTube and creates the content to watch on this platform. The second is the viewer; the audience of the content available online. Viewers watch the videos and interact with by liking and commenting on it. Likes and comments determine the success of your channel. More likes mean people want what you are uploading, and users can even subscribe to your channel; that means there is now a part of your followers.

Starting a YouTube channel and running it successfully is a matter of efforts and patience. You need to be consistent by posting regular content on your channel. It takes time for users to be attracted towards your channel. There some common mistakes those creators do and which hampers their channel’s progress.

What things a YouTube creator should avoid achieving great success

  • Focusing just on the views: There are millions of users on YouTube doing their best to get their videos more views. Users try to imitate other successful creators just for the sake of views. Focusing only on views sometimes creates hassles. Creators try to be unreal to attract more views, by acting cool and nerdy. The viewers aren’t fools; they can easily detect lies and false claims and immediately abandon your content.

What should you do?

You should be unique and creative, don’t try to copy. If you like someone’s style and content, pick up the theme of their content and put it into your original content. Viewers are attracted towards new and creative content easily.

  • Repeatedly introducing and promoting your channel in your videos: Mentioning your channel in the starting or end of the videos is a great technique to occupy a place in the viewer’s mind. But you should remember that promoting that channel excessively may irritate the viewer and he may close your video in a fit of anger.

What should you do?

Use simple introductory statements in your videos. You can write about your channel in the description. There’s no need of repeating it in every video. Instead of telling about your channel, you should focus on creating unique and creative content to attract the viewer. Once the viewer is pulled towards your content, he will himself gather information about your channel.

  • Using gimmicks and bad editing: text to speech is a great tool to engage those people whose first language isn’t English, but users started using it excessively. No matter how good a feature, when it is used repeatedly in excess, it starts irritating the viewers. Using TTS instead of talking yourself get old quickly.

What should you do?

The creator should try to be in the video and interact with the viewers himself. By exposing yourself, you would be able to attract the viewers more, and they will shower their trust and love on you.

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