How to Select Best Instagram Username for your Business Account


Instagram is the most popular social platform nowadays. It is a photo-sharing platform that allows the users to upload photos and videos and share it with their followers. It is a great way to build your network. Instagram enables you to socialize with different people all over the globe. Your account on Instagram is your brand, which runs on the name of your account. Your Instagram account’s Username is who you will be called in the community. Username is of considerable significance as it is the first thing that any user will notice, and the Username only induces the users to visit your profile. So, it is necessary to choose an appropriate and attractive username.

Tips for choosing the best Instagram username for you

  • Choose an easy to remember, unique and easy to spell Username: You should ensure that the Username you are choosing is simple and easy to remember. If you want your account to be easily discoverable, you must select an easy to remember and easy to spell. If it is short, users can easily remember your account and find you without any difficulty.
  • Use the same Username for your all social media handles: While choosing the Username for your Instagram, you should choose such a username which you can use for your social media handles. A unique username will give a different identification to you and your account on the internet. By using the same Username for all accounts, it will be easy for your followers to connect with you on different platforms.
  • Work on your Username: Your Instagram username is your face. Changing it will not attract the users and will even make you lose your current followers. Username is your brand, and you need to work on it and decide the best Username for your account. Changing the Username wastes all your efforts and your previous work and makes it difficult for your followers to track you down.

What to avoid in a good username

  • Don’t use underscores: Underscores are irritating and out of fashion to use. You should avoid using them in your Instagram usernames. Searching and typing underscores are difficult for users. When you use more than one underscore in your Username, it becomes more difficult to guess how many underscores and users can’t find you.
  • Don’t continuous repeating letters: If there are many repeating letters in your Instagram username, It will take a lot of efforts to read and remember your Username. You should avoid using a letter, character, or symbol repetitively in a row, use simple combinations of letters.
  • Avoid using many numbers: Along with the letters, many numbers can also raise a lot of confusions for the users. Numbers and symbols are difficult to memorize, and users will not be able to find your account quickly.

To conclude, Username plays an essential role in enhancing the engagement of your account and attracting more users towards your account, boosting your fan-base.

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