How to Earn Money From YouTube?


Many video streaming service providers competed against YouTube, but none of them was able to go beyond it. There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of a kind with amazing features that makes it reliable. The interface and many other options make it reliable. However, using YouTube to watch video is getting older, and thousands of people are heading over to make their own page on it and posting videos to earn money.  Even one can buy YouTube views from other websites.

Well, it is easy to find that there are plenty of features offered here and most of the features are for the developer of content. If you are a content developer and want to earn money from YouTube, then this guide will help you out here. There are plenty of methods to earn money on this platform, and one needs to stay selective while choosing the best one. Many will say that it is all about likes, some say about views and lot more. But, it is all about advertisement, and it depends upon your content type mainly.  Let’s start with the learning of basic things.

Setting up your channel

You need to create a new channel to get started, and it can be done by heading over to settings and then going to the overview section. You can find “Create a New Channel” option here. If you already have a page, then you must use that to get started. Now, you should open the advanced section and enter keywords that can help YouTube that what kind of content you will be posting.

If someone search for the thing that you have posted then your video will be in suggestions also. Make sure that you choose a unique and original name instead of copying other. It will be better to have a unique name with original content and heading over to buy YouTube views. On the other hand, if you want to change your username, then it can be done with the help of Google + account lately.

Upload Content

The content is key to earn money but don’t come on YouTube with the intention of money for two reasons. If you are for money, then all you will pay attention to is to money not to content. Good content is always going to help you out earning more, but it requires attention and work. Keeping patients and waiting for the views is also the hard thing.  If you post something, but that doesn’t get many views and likes then you can buy YouTube likes and it is easy to find that there are many websites to help with it.


The last thing is to monetize your videos that are surely the best one and going to obtain more views. However, you should be fulfilling the minimum requirement to start it. You may need to buy YouTube likes in the beginning but it will give you better results lately, and it is worth trying.

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