How to Gain Better Exposure on SoundCloud?


SoundCloud, one of the finest audio distributing platforms was found in 2007, and it is one of the influencers used by the musician to gain exposure. The 2018 Year was a good year for musician, and they have gained the vast number of followers. If you are also a music composer, mixer and do such other things, then SoundCloud is surely the best platform to take your passion to the next level. However, the question arrives regarding the method that you should prefer. Some of the great musicians can buy SoundCloud plays and try out five steps given below to maximize their exposure way effectively and easily.

  1. Social Networks

It is true that Social Networks can help you in various manners where it will provide plenty of reliable benefits with ease. Always make sure that you linked back the SoundCloud to all the social media accounts. Many may say that it won’t help much, but from the perspective of SEO strategy, it is ensuring your social presence. If someone searches with your name on Google, then chances of showing you in the search result are higher. Always give the link of all account in the decryption also. It is really important and requires your complete attention.

  1. Title your track

A good title is worth spending a little time thinking about it. Most of the people go with the title that is not going to help at all. One should always stay selective and think twice about the title. It doesn’t even matter whether you buy SoundCloud likes or not. The likes are really going to help you a lot. Due to this reason, that’s why you should spend little time choosing the right and suitable title. Always write the song name and artist name along with it. You may not find all the tips easy to follow in the beginning, but these are going to help you obtain better exposure than others.

  1. Tags

It doesn’t matter whether you are using YouTube, Instagram or any other platform that is widely popular; there is a tag option to sort out everything. You are also able to come up with a great title and make good music with ease. Even it helps others to find you out easily. Try out some of the common tags like Moods, Band Location, Genres, Themes and few more. These can enhance the chances of getting better exposure on this platform, and it is the major reason that you should try it out. Even if you buy SoundCloud plays, then it will enhance the chances of going well.

  1. Album art

Days are gone when everyone used to have songs without any album arts (mainly the download from unauthorized sources). Every one prefers genuine sources and buy music where the album art makes them look good. The alum art of your music definitely requires attention, and it will be helping in various manners. You can buy SoundCloud likes and prefer such other sources to go well.

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