How to Make YouTube Comments Bold, Italic and Strike-through


YouTube is a website tailor-made for sharing video content all over the world in a few clicks. Millions of user use YouTube and upload different videos that everyone can watch. YouTube videos are straightforward to watch and share. Even if the file size of videos is enormous, you can copy the URL and share it on any social media platform. Users will directly land to that video when they tap on the URL. Creators can get easily famous if their video gets viral. Viral refers to when a video clip is liked very much by the viewers, and they have liked and shared it a lot in a short period. YouTube videos are highly interactive, and a user can easily like and comment their views on the video. They can also use some tools to make their comment stand out.

How to add effects to your comments?

You can make your comments more attractive and eye-catching by giving it different effects. There are three types of effects you can provide to your comment:




How to make your YouTube comment bold?

Making your comment bold attracts the viewers towards your comment and makes your point more precise and effective. Here’s how to do it:

If you want to format any text on YouTube, you can do it easily. You need to put some specific symbols on either side of the text.

If you want to make any text or comment BOLD, you need to add *asterisks* on both sides of the word or phrase.

How to italicize your YouTube comment’s text?

Italics are styles in which your text looks slanted, and it is used to make it look unique and attractive. It is usually done to attract the viewers towards the comment. Making you YouTube comments italics is a simple process.

You can easily make your comment, word or any phrase look in italics by adding some specific symbols at the end of each word.

You need to bookend the word or phrase with underscores. It will change your selected word or phrase into italics and will make it look attractive and unique.

How to add Strike-through to your YouTube comments

Strike-through is when a word or phrase has line cutting through the center and makes the word to stand out from hundreds of comments. It is usually done to highlight some important and revealing information. It can also be used to mark an item on a list as ‘done’.

This effect implies a change of thought or the words are wrong and not meant for inclusion.

On a computer screen, it indicates recently deleted information.

It is effortless to add strike-through to your YouTube comments. It is a great way to highlight your comment and viewer will be immediately attracted towards your comment.

You need to surround your phrase, word or comment with hyphens or dashes. Once you do this, you will see strike-through on your chosen word along with bold and italics.

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