Instagram – The Best Platform to Promote Your Brand!


After the Facebook, Instagram has become the best platform where you can advertise your brand. In April 2017, Instagram shows that almost 700 million people are using Instagram and 400 million are daily users.  According to researchers, Instagram has become a Young sister of the Facebook.  However, today, more than 1 million advertisers are available on the Instagram that is quite higher than others.  One can advertise their business at the reasonable cost. 71 of American companies are using a business account on the Instagram.

Instagram is getting the continual hype because they are working hard on the services & features. With the assistance of Instagram, one can attract the consumers from the targeted area. Let’s discuss vital details about Instagram promotions, business profile, and attraction, etc.

  • Set Up Instagram Business account

Firstly, you should create the Instagram business account, and it is a separate account that is completely different from a personal account. Don’t post any selfies on the Business account. You must Focus on the sale and share pictures of the product with consumers.  Following are the things that will create the strong presences at Instagram.

  • Add a link to your site

If you want to attract more traffic, then your bio is one place where you can insert the link of the website. You should always add link top in the description.

  • Stay Consistent

Choose an incredible name of your profile that is related to the business and posts images continually on the Instagram. Make sure that you are posting the pictures related to the brand.

  • Create a High-end Instagram Post

You must post the best picture that will attract thousands of customers from the targeted area. Instagram is the best platform where you can share only visuals. It is quite utterly different from another website. Therefore, you should post an image that contains text or links. However, you should share something informative that will catch the attention of the audience.  90 % of data can be transmitted in our brain through visuals.  Therefore, you must publish a picture of products that will boost the sales.  Here are some things where you need to pay attention.

  • Promote your brand with Innovative Pictures

If you are promoting your brand on Instagram with visuals, then the platform will take your brand to the next level.  68% of the consumers prefer the pictures with detailed images.  Don’t promote the Fake things; you should always focus on the product & services.

  • Quality of pictures

Avoid poor quality images on Instagram; you should always post top-notch quality pictures that will able to grab the attention. You must choose the image according to 612×612 pixels frame. Make sure that the effects of the image are vibrant and great enough.

  • Make the use of Instagram editing tools

More than 70 million pictures posted on the Instagram every day. Instagram has become photo sharing platform, so it is normal figure for everyone. Instagram is offering thousands of innovative filters that will enhance the colors of pictures. Always stay consistent, so you photos will easily obtain the audience from the targeted area.

  • Focus on Instagram following

If you want to promote your brand then you must focus on the Fan-following. Even, if you are posting beautiful images then you have to focus on the techniques. Following are some top-notch techniques that will attract the more followers on Instagram.

  • Add some Hashtags

If you want to create the strong presence then you must add some innovative Hashtags on the pictures.  Hashtags are only perfect way that will able to increase the engagement and shelf-life of the posts.

88% of the people are using Hashtags on the Instagram. With the help of Hashtags, one can found pictures and videos easily.  Here are two steps that you need to follow while using hashtag.

  1. Make sure that you are using the relevant keyword to your brand.
  2. You should grab trending and popular keywords

You should make the use of data analysis application that will give you some details about then Instagram posts.

  • Make the use of advertising option

Are you familiar with advertisement option? Nowadays, most of the companies are advertising their business. There are different types of packages available in Instagram and you must opt for the best package. Following are the advertisement options.

  • Picture advertisement

You should promote your brand via pictures. Make sure that you are using best picture for the advertisement.

  • Video advertisement

Instead of using videos, you should make the use of video advertisement and grab attention from particular area.

Moving further, if you want to take your advertising experience to next level then you should follow above-mentioned steps.  It will give you benefits in terms of sale, revenue and followers, etc.  you should choose the best advertisement option for your business.

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