How Instagram’s IGTV Feature Can Compete Against YouTube?


Two widely known platforms, Ingram and YouTube, are going well from a long time. Both the platforms offer plenty of amazing features and benefits. However, each one offering different services like Instagram is Social media network whereas YouTube is video streaming network.

With a great presence and millions of active users, both platforms were going well, but suddenly the new feature from Instagram started trending. Yes, it is IGTV (Instagram TV). This option is available in the latest updates so if you haven’t seen yet then update your app and it is also available as an app individually.

If you are someone with the huge fan base on Instagram, all your posts get tons of likes and don’t even matter as if you buy real Instagram likes. A huge number of followers mean great engagement. Posting an IGTV video will make you the trend, and your posts will obtain more views also.

Why is it called a competitor?

There are plenty of video streaming platforms along with YouTube, but only a few of them tried competing YouTube. Starting from zero is always typical, and it requires lots of time and patience. On the other hand, if you look for Instagram, then it is easy to find that there are millions of users and plenty of them have updated the app.

Videos posted in IGTV may be getting fewer likes or comments till now, but it will go well lately. It can compete with ease, but still, now there is no video monetization option which is the big drawback. Considering the number of weeks IGTV’s presence, we can conclude that it is going to be a big hit for sure. One can buy real Instagram likes and become popular in the nick of time. Now, all the posts from the same account are definitely going to provide you better response, and that’s what you want from it.

It is pretty much sure that the buy Instagram video views option from many websites helped businesses. So, it can be concluded that there will be websites and such other platforms to get IGTV views and likes. The process is always slow in the beginning, and it is definitely going to take time. Everyone is still waiting for the monetization option so that the creator of content can get paid.

The issues with IGTV

IGTV is not fully functioned still now where it offers you the option to find videos and comment on them and share with friends also. However, you have watch videos vertical as Instagram make easy solutions for users. It is causing lot more issues to creators because vertical videos have own limitations.

The other drawback which is missing in IGTV is video quality option. You are not able to choose the resolution yet. If someone buys Instagram video views and become popular by having lots of followers and all, he will get better IGTV views. But, the question arises about payments. You are not about to get paid for such things. Till then wait for new updates and all because there is a lot  to come in 2018.

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