Latest Instagram Updates You Should Know About


In the past few years, Instagram has become a business platform, we have seen, developers are working hard on it.  From photo sharing app to editing tool, one can grab plenty of incredible features.  Recently, we have experienced the latest updates on Instagram, including a brand new shopping feature and Filter, etc. Instagram has become an affordable marketing platform because one can promote the business at a reasonable cost. More than 800+ million people are using the business promotion feature.

Latest Instagram updates are really valuable and exciting for new and existing users. Here are the ten new Instagram features that are beneficial for marketers.

  1. Latest Instagram Story sticker

Almost 400 million people users are updating the stories on the Instagram. One can update almost 15 to 16 seconds story.  However, you can host the live videos with a potential audience.  However, now, users can use the stickers in the story. Following are the latest story sticker on Instagram.

  • Questions stickers
  • Cartoon stickers
  • Music stickers
  • Animated sticker
  1. IGTV

IGTV has become groundbreaking feature where one can update a maximum ten minutes with a potential audience. Along with updating, one can edit videos & use vertical videos. IGTV is almost similar to YouTube where you can attach Plug-ins. Along with TV feature, one can ask the questions via poll or stickers. Here are some top-notch IGTV specifications.

  • One can upload the upto 2 hours of videos.
  • Enable rating & review option.
  • Promote video with Ease
  1. Instagram verification Feature

It is a high-end feature that is available for Famous personalities. If you have millions of genuine followers on the official profile, then you can grab blue tick badge on it.  It is known as verify badge. However, as per latest update, one can grab verification badge using the Government issued Id.  From July 2018, verification badge is available for all users. After getting the verification badge on the profile, you can obtain the following pros.

  • Grab advance security
  • Can obtain paid advertisement
  • Promote brand
  1. Superzoom Effects for the stories

Recently, CEO of Instagram has introduced with superzoom effects to users. While watching the video, one can make the use of superzoom effects.  They have launched six effects, and others are in beta-testing.

  • Leaves with perfect weather
  • A top-notch classing door with rejection sound effect
  • Fire & ice
  • Camera Flashes.
  • Explosive and adrenaline music
  1. Instagram polls

Polls have become an integral part of the story. You ask from the question from users. Like, one can upload two options like as yes or no. However, now, you can send Instagram polls to individuals or group. After updating the video call feature, the individual poll feature is getting the hype. After completing the poll, a user will receive notification on the pop-up screen.  Therefore, it will deliver the feedback of your product and service.

  1. Time management tools

Instagram and Facebook both are launching almost similar features. With the assistance of these features, one can manage the time on different platforms. Such an option can be found under the setting, and it will show how much time you are spending on Instagram in 24 hours. However, one can set the alarms for fifteen to twenty minutes. After completing the time, the application will kick you off from Instagram.

  1. Advertisement for Gaming platforms

You will find two types of advertisement feature like as-

  • Advertisement for Gaming brand
  • Ads for all companies

It is retention optimization feature that will enable you to promote the game with the audience. Now, one can download the powerhouse of the game from Instagram. However, along with the advertisement and downloading, you can earn money from such ads.

  1. Video chatting in private section

In the past, we can access live video call option, but now it is available in the direct messaging option.  It is your wish; you can start a video call with a single person or four different people.   It was available in the Google hangout or FaceTime, but now you can avail on the Instagram.

  1. Music in stories

At least 400 million people are updating stories on Instagram with music. However, now you can add music to your story that fits to situations and one can express the feelings with a special person.  After clicking on add sticker option, you will grab the music icon on the screen. Click on music option and obtain thousands of songs on the playlist.

  1. Two-step verification

Instagram has launched a two-step verifications feature where you can reassign another number on the website. Now, you access the account from a phone number or one Time Password. However, you can save precious details in the Instagram account. Instagram is an ideal option for those who want to add an additional layer of the protection in the account. You can save the precious data from the hackers.

Ultimately, these 10 above-mentioned high-end features are really beneficial that will take you Instagram experience to the Next level.

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