How to Make Money from Instagram with Small Investment


Instagram is one of the latest and most used social networking sites. It is a platform used to share photos and videos all over the globe efficiently and effectively. Nowadays, Instagram is being used for many other purposes than sharing photos and videos. Instagram is now seen as a lucrative source to earn some easy money. This app helps you to socialize with various people all over the globe according to your interests and engagements. Instagram has provided a platform for brands to promote their products and services to a vast audience.

With the advent of using Instagram as a way to boost business, various ways are opened up, creating excellent opportunities to earn some easy money. Users can create a business profile to have insights into your account and put efforts to improve them as it helps to popularize your page and create more excellent opportunities for you to earn some money. Advertising and sponsorships the main ways through which popular influencers on Instagram make money. Companies and brands pay them to cash in return of they promote their products.

Some practical ways to make money from Instagram

  • Influence marketing: Influencers are people on Instagram who have a vast fan base and a large number of followers. Higher the number of followers you have, more significant is the chance for you to being hired by any brand to promote their product. You have post images, and videos promoting their products, and they will pay you a handsome amount in return.
  • Affiliate marketing: It is when you promote some company’s product and get paid per sale. Many bloggers promote products by posting them on their profile. You have to post interactive and attractive images with their product and attract the customers to purchase it.
  • Find sponsors: You need to build an attractive profile so that you can attain maximum followers. Once you have a handsome amount of followers, now you should start to find a sponsor who will pay you, in return of promoting his product by posting sponsored posts.
  • Sell your photos: If you have an exceptional talent for clicking breath-taking images, you can sell them and earn profits. You need to post those images on your profile and add a watermark to the picture. You must add some details in the caption about the purchasing procedure. Use popular hashtags to attract maximum users towards your post and increase your sales.
  • Promote your own business: It is not necessary that you have to promote someone else’s business on Instagram. You can promote your own business through Instagram as the final profit will go into your pocket only. Post creative content and engage maximum users with your post, which will help your business to flourish quickly.
  • Sell your Instagram account: Everyone dreams to have an immensely popular account on Instagram. Having a large number of followers makes your account useful for you as well as others. At some time, you feel done with your Instagram. In such case your account will not go waste; you can sell your account to someone who wants to have it at a reasonable price. Instagram earns you money even after it’s not yours.
  • Dropshipping: It is a highly popular way to earn money from Instagram. It means selling some product that doesn’t exist in a store of your own. You post images of those products and make it available to the customers by buying it from someone else. You act as a mediator working for commission. This means you can advertise a product on your account and if someone is willing to buy it, you can contact the storehouse and have the purchased goods delivered to them.

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