Some Newly added features to Instagram


Instagram has become the newest platform that is addictive, and now Instagram has added many new features that are making people go crazy for it. These include ask me a question, New fonts, story filter, IGTV and many more. IGTV has a really great impact on the videos platform out there, and Instagram is breaking records of every application. If you want more ways to get famous on Instagram, then you can buy Instagram likes cheap that will help your account a lot.

If you are using Instagram, then you will also be fascinated by the services that they are providing. It can help you in a lot more ways that can be much more than just helpful for you all. We have collected all the information about the new things that are added to the Instagram application. So let us get to the overview of all such things that can be helpful for all of you.

1) Ask me a Question

Well, this thing is the most recent that is added to, and it is on hype. Everyone loves the game of truth and dare, and it is just that you will get among people that will ask you questions. You can do whatever you want as you will get to know who asked you the question and you can post it on the story that can be helpful for you all.

If there is something that you need to mention, then you can easily do that with the help of the mentioned tag. This will let people know that you have answered the particular person. This is all that you need to know, and it can be helpful for you. In order to become a celeb then you can buy Instagram likes for your Instagram handle.

2) IGTV – Instagram Videos

Yes, Instagram is on for the videos that you can upload any of the videos just like youtube, and that can help you a lot. There are many celebs on IGTV, and you can follow them to take note of their lives that will keep you up to date with the news about them. However, if you want to get popular on IGTV then you cannot use any trick like Instagram likes cheap, this can’t help you to get some fake likes. It works naturally and you can so many things are done with the help of IGTV.

3) Polls/Rating Slider

These two features are quite impressive, but still, no one knows about them. The Polls option was on hype on the day it was released but after ask me a question feature, these all get hidden somewhere. You can still use them as they are available on the Instagram story options and it can take you a long way up to the top.

There are some websites that are giving out offers to buy Instagram likes. However, with the Rating slider, your audience will tell you the thing that you will put on the slider. You will get a rating with the help of the slider.

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